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I hate that everytime I sign into facebook there is always bad news about the wolf situation in Norway. Last week it was the hunt with the coonhounds (has not yet happened, but still it was announced) which made wolf advocates rage both in Norway and Sweden. Now 50 hunters has sorrounded one single wolf and has got helacopter assistant to kill the wolf.

It feels like there is not a second in Norway that there isn’t a wolf hunt going on, or a hunt permition given. And the reason is always: sheep. 

I love Norway, it is a beautiful country, and an amazing place to live. But it’s also a fucking idiot country. There is no other country that’s as bad as Norway at sending their sheep out in the forest unwatched. We basically serve the sheep to the wolf on a silver plate. And then when a wolf walks by and do what a wolf does/has to fucking do, then we (too) easily get a hunt permittion. Like the wolf at Agdenes in Norway, that had been taken one - 1 - single lamb before a permition was given. It has also happened before that wolves have been killed BEFORE any “damage” was done, “just to prevent”. Ladies and gentlmen! NORWAY! 

I heard a guy compare this situation with putting 500 NOK on the ground and shooting whoever tries to pick it up. 

The problem is the politicans (isn’t it always). They have no knowledge whatsoever about the importance of the wolf, or how an ecosystem works. The desicion about using coonhounds shows just how easily they approve of things without knowing shit about what their desicion really involves. And they won’t listen to people that are actually EDUCATED on the area. Biologists and scientists apparently have no idea what they are talking about. 

This is not only a problem in Norway of course! We see the same going on in for example the US. And wherever there are wolves there are propaganda shit going on. Just recently I posted a article written by a British dude that was just over the top idiotic. 

We need to change what is going on, and education is the solution. We need to make people realize that what is going on is wrong. That fucking with nature isn’t smart. We also have to stand together, and show the politicans that the world doesn’t only consist of greedy hunters and cattle owners, but people with other values that appreciate nature and wants biodiversity and sustainable species! To show this we all have to use our voice and speak up for the ones lacking one! 

You can be a voice by speaking up directly to the politicans, or support an organization that works with just that. If you don’t live in a country that has got wolves you can support organizations in another country. Remember, the Scandinavian wolves doesn’t belong to Scandinavia, the African lions isn’t only Africa’s responsability. We have one fellow earth and nature and I think it is everyone’s responsability to take care of it! 


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Posted on Monday July 15th
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