Mexican wolf - confrontation by mouring on Flickr

wolf/dog/horse body language has always been of huge interest to me. I’ve experienced that first when you learn to recognize body language and respect it, then you can have a close relationship with your animal. In my eyes there is never the animals fault that they attack (unless the animal is ill, like having a brain damage that makes them aggressive for no reason), and it hurts me to see so many dogs (and horses) misunderstood and therefore often destroyed.

A funny thing I have learned through studying dog/wolf body language is that the wolf that looks most aggressive is not always so. Like on this picture it might for some people look like the wolf to the left is threathening/dominating the wolves walking towards him. At least he for sure has the most appearing language of the three wolves.

I believe that the snarling wolf is showing sumbissive behaviour rahter than dominant/agressive, and at the same time telling the other wolf to leave him alone at the same time. The reason I believe so is because:

  • he’s having his tail tucked well between his legs. (agressive/confident/dominant wolves hold their tails high)
  • he’s pointing his ears backwards, (agressive/confident/dominant wolves point their ears forwards while “talking” to another wolf.)
  • he’s having a hunched position, (aggressive/confident/dominant wolves has a stiff and confident posture.)

I say "the other wolf" and not "the other wolves" because I also believe that this “conversation” is going on between only two of the wolves - the one to the left and the one in the middle. The third is simply just walking by. He seems to just carefully take a peak in the submissive wolf’s direction and he seems to keep his body heading for a direction away from the sumbissive wolf as if to say “I’m not going to come over there, relax”

omg! I love studying body language! 

What do you guys think? Am I wrong? If so, what do you think is going on between the wolves?

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Posted on Wednesday July 17th
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    Well, the wolf on the left isn’t snarling. That’s actually an appeasement grin. So you’re right, I’d say.
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